Hi! Bug here from @mediocreartsandcrafts. The Doodlebug Made With Love collection really speaks to me. It is too cute. With the matching Recipe Card set, I really wanted to create a little recipe card keeper. This book can easily fit all 36 of the recipe cards in them. If you are giving this as a gift you could fill out a few of the cards with your personal favorite recipes, and leave some blank so that the recipient could fill some out as well! You can find a video of this project on my YouTube channel Mediocre Arts and Crafts here:


Doodlebug Made With Love Collection Kit--
Doodlebug Made with Love Recipe Cards
Doodlebug Twine--
Cutter Bee Scissors--
Art GLitter Glue--
Pencil and ruler or mat with grid.
Paper Trimmer--
Embossing Stylus--
¼” Hole Punch--
Teflon Bone Folder (works great for burnishing stickers!)--

Corner Rounder--


1. From the paper collection set aside the stickers, tags, cut-aparts and strips. Each remaining sheet can be cut down to two recipe book pages measuring 6”x 7 ½” Choose one for your front cover, one for your back cover and ten pages. If your sheet has an orientation, you want the 6” measurement north to south and the 7 ½” east to west.

2. Each sheet (covers and pages) will be scored the same way. Place each sheet in your scoreboard with the long side east to west and the short side north to south. The left side of the page is your hinge. Score that at ½”. Turn the sheet clockwise one turn. Score at 1 ½”

3. For the sheet you choose as the front cover, folder the 1 ½” score backward, to allow for a pocket on the back side. For all other sheets fold the 1 ½” score up to the front to create a pocket on the front of the page.

4. Round the corners on the top and bottom of the pages, and on the top of the pocket that is opposite the hinge (the one in the hinge will be covered up and won't be visible in the completed book). Glue down the pockets on one side (opposite the hinge)

5. On the ½” scored hinge, mark two holes – one 1” from the top and one 1” from the bottom. I used the first sheet as a template for the subsequent sheets, to help me keep my holes aligned without having to measure each one.

6. Stack pages with your hinge to the left. At this point be sure that all your hinges have a crisp score, so that they move easily. Cut your twine at about two feet. Starting from the front sew your twine through twice (through each page, come back up through the back and do it again) so that your two loose ends are In the front. Wait until step 9 to tie up your book!!

7. Cut down your pages of cut-aparts and strips.

Cut down your tags and poke holes and attach twine to your six favorite. On the back side of three of the pages, glue cut-aparts across the bottom and partway up the far side to create a spot to tuck in a recipe card. Do the same with the tags you prepared, gluing down on two sides to make a pocket.

8. Cut some strips to 4 ½” and with a thin bead of glue, adhere one to the backside of some of your pages – this creates a band where you can tuck a recipe card underneath.

9. Fill pockets and tuck spots with recipe cards and remaining tags and cards. Decorate the pocket flaps with remaining strips, and sprinkle the stickers throughout your album. On the front cover add the stickers of your choice. Here I added the cookies and ‘Baked with Love’ stickers and two of the border stickers. Now it’s time to tighten the twine and tie your book together. I tied a knot and decorated with some charms. You could tie the twine in a bow or just tie the end of each piece of twin in a little knot.

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