Flower Easter Baskets with Melody Lane

Maymay and Melody has so much fun this weekend. Enjoy this video of them making these easy but beautiful Easter baskets. And head on over to Melody's channel and all of her social media platforms and check out her incredible creations.

Melody's Social Media Links

Melody's YouTube channel

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Crafter Hoarders

Materials need:

Flowers-flat back


Glue Gun

Glue sticks


Remember to go over Maymay Made It and So Did I Facebook group and post your version of this project.


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Susan M Frederick

Susan M Frederick

I watched this and the two of you are so cute together! Thanks Ladies for all the inspiration you give me!

Cecelia Castro

Cecelia Castro

I watched your girls play with the baskets. I loved the purple and blue!

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