Marbled Easter Eggs using Oxide Inks by Jim Eber


I've been altering Easter eggs for several years and becane very excited whe nTim Holtz announced the release of Oxide Distress Inks at CHA. I purchased the 12 colors from 

The supplies I used were:

Oxide Distress inks

Craft mat

Inking tool

Ink tool foam pads

Rubber gloves

Makeup sponges

White plastic eggs( you can find them at Walmart or Michaels)


Rub the inking tool with the ink pads and apply directly to the eggs. You can also blend colors on the inking pad and apply to the eggs. You can also use the re-inkers on your craft mat and apply to the eggs. 

Allow the eggs to dry for 6 or more hour.

Note the eggs react to moisture/water

Have fun!

Hey guys after you try this amazing technique from Jim, head on over to our Facebook group Maymay Made and So Did I and post your beautifully marbled Easter eggs. 



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