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Limited Edition Stamp Set for St Jude Children's Hospital- with samples

Posted by Tracy Dennis on

Limited edition stamp set benefiting St Jude Children's Hospital will be available to purchase on Thursday, May 17th.
This card created by Tamatha Luehrs @tamathaluehrs 
This card created by Tracy Dennis @createalongwithtrace
This card was created by Tamatha Luehrs

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  • I Love Love Love this entire idea!!!!!! Anything to help kiddos have happy, healthy and safe childhoods is very dear to my heart!!!! Thank you MayMay, Vinnie, Melody & Crew for doing this!!!!! I’m setting an alarm so I can order this set as soon as it’s available tomorrow 🙏🏼😁

    Gennie on
  • OMG The cards you gals created with this new You Make Me Happy Stamp Set are Adorable, So Cute and Heart felt….gosh you both sure did Super Outstanding Creative jobs!! I so can’t wait to own this set and use this set on my layouts…Oh this set makes me happy all right. Thanks to everyone for all they do and the way they do it!! YOU ALL SO ROCK1!

    Joan Smith on
  • OMG This is one Super cute and Adorable stamp set. Great Job Maymay and what you are doing to raise money for St Jude Childrens Hospital is Spectacular!!
    God Bless you!!

    Joan Smith on

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