Gummie Bunnie Treat Holder by Crystal Cleveland
Gummie Bunnie Treat Holder
by Crystal Cleveland

With Easter fast approaching, I decided to make a few treat holders for my grandkids. They don't get very much candy or sugary treats. Usually I get them a toy or a book which I probably will still do that, but I thought a small treat won't be too bad. Besides I'm their grandmother and it's my business to spoil them a little.

For this project I used the following materials 

Gummie Bunnies from the Dollar tree

Maymaymadeit stamp set:
other materials used:


For complete instructions please watch my video below


bye for now

happy crafting!



my soul is fed by stamps and ink


Art glitter glueCircle punchCricut paper trimmerCutter bee scissorsEaster blessings paper packHare peakingVersafine black onyx ink

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