Glitter Ornaments: Maymay Played with Glitter? I am as shocked as you!


Glitter, glitter, glitter! What's the Holiday season without some glitter!? Today we are making glitter ornaments. These ornaments look complicated but are really so easy to make. So gather up those supplies and let's create! 

Supplies used: 

Glass Ornaments or Plastic Ornaments


Wow Glitter

Vinyl cutouts( for the decoration)

Transfer tape or Contact paper


Small funnel 


small paper or plastic cup

Floor wax ( like Mop n Glow)


~remove the top of the ornament to be able to add the floor wax and glitter

~ pour a small amount of the floor wax into the ornament, then tilt the ornament to coat the entire interior with the floor wax. 

~ once the entire inside has been coated with the floor wax turn the ornament upside down to let the excess wax drain out.

~take the glitter and funnel and scoop some glitter into the ornament. It does not take a lot of glitter. 

~tilt the ornament to coat the interior for the ornament. Once it has been completely coated, drain the excess glitter into a container and place the top back on the ornament.

~ Take your vinyl decoration and center it on the ornament and begin to rub the vinyl onto the ornament 

** TIP: Start in the middle of the transfer and then go from side to side to place on the ornament

Once the vinyl is on the ornament, decorate by adding embellishments of your choice. 


Remember to head on over to our Facebook group Maymay Made It and So Did I to post your version of this project. You can also showcase your project on our Customer Gallery on the website.

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Carol Pearce

Carol Pearce

I have so very many favorites of MayMay’s videos. I must say this glitter ornament has really made me want to play with glitter. I, like MayMay, have not been one to try glitter much. Loved the video and will be shopping soon for the glitter. Great Christmas gifts – especially with hard to find initials – such as ‘Y’ – daughter-in-law’s initial. Thank you for ALL you do and teach us. Hugs to all.

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