Fall wreath tutorial Easy Easy one too!


I love a beautiful wreath on the front door and on my kitchen french doors to celebrate the fall season. Today Maymay shows us how to get that full gorgeous fall wreath that you see in all the stores. She had made it EASY EASY to create. So gather up those supplies and let's create!

The supply list for two wreaths is:

2 ~16 work wreaths

1 roll of mesh for looping 10 inches x 30 feet

2 rolls of mesh, 10 inch x 30 feet, cut 16 of each color at 10 inches

4 different ribbons, cut them to 12 inches in length, you will need  8 of each ribbon pattern.

Misc decorations.


Remember to head on over to the Facebook group Maymay Made It and So Did I and post your version of this wreath. 


Shirley Kinard

Shirley Kinard

So happy to have found you on Pinterest! Your tutorials are great, very easy to follow your instructions!

Kathy Morris

Kathy Morris

I wish you should more wreaths, you do beautiful work and tutorial are so easy to follow.

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