Eye Has Not Seen Eye Chart and Scripture Art


I wanted to make an eye chart for my scripture art journal this week and a quick google search gave me this cool little tool.  It is an eye chart generator, granted you can only use so many characters so you have to get creative.  Click here to use it.  

Once I created my chart, I took a screen shot of it and imported it into my word document program ( I use mac so I used Pages, on a PC I would suggest Word).  

I also saved it as a PDF so I will link that here if you would rather just use the one I created.  When printing, you will want to change the size to fit your project.  Be sure to tell the printer what size you'd want, like 5x7, 4x6, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks scripture art, I can't imagine, litereally!  What Heaven holds for us but I no God is amazing and that is enough for now!


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