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Design Team Challenge-Fancy Fold; Pinwheel Card

Posted by Lisa Wise on

Fold this card up to reveal a fun pinwheel design. Minimal supplies needed!



  • Cut a piece of double sided paper to 8” x 8”.
  • Place the 8” square paper into your scoreboard. Make a tick mark on all 4 sides at 3 inches from all corners. To make is easy I put the paper into my score board and marked all the sides at 3” and 5”.
  • Number the tick marks clockwise 1-8.
  • Align tick mark 1 and 4 on your scoreboard and score. My scoreboard has a black line drawn on the 6” mark. I use this to help me score a straight line when scoring on a diagonal. See video.
  • Next score tick marks 2 to 7; then 3 to 6; and lastly 5 to 8. See Score line diagram below. 

  • Cut away the triangles where the score lines meet.
  • Place paper back into the scoreboard, and score at 1” from the top, stopping at 4” down. The score mark should end where you cut out the triangle. Repeat for all 4 sides.
  • Fold the 1” score line on all 4 sides.
  • Fold at the 3” score line in the opposite direction on all 4 sides.
  • To create the pinwheel look, fold the last flap under the first (like folding a box).
  • Open the card and glue a 4” square piece of cardstock, I used pink floral. Then layer a slightly trimmed down 4” pocket card sentiment over the pink.
  • Fold the card.
  • Cut a 12” x 1” piece or coordinating cardstock and form a belly band around the outside of the card.
  • Cut a 12” piece of 1/16” elastic and tie loosely around the belly band in a simple knot. Reverse tweezers help!
  • String pieces from the cardstock stickers (do not remove the backing) onto the elastic. I punched a hole in the key shape with my crop-a-dile hole punch. Tie another knot on top. Cut off the excess.

 I hope you enjoyed this project. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube Channel @ Have Photos Will Scrapbook. 


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  • Love this card. You made it so easy to follow. Great job.

    Fran Smith on

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