Cards for Campfire Children
As many of you have seen in the news the devastation that the community of Paradise, California has suffered by the wildfires that swept through that area has been tremendous.  We want the kids in that area to get some good cheer! So we are participating in a card drive for them. We would love it if you guys could send cards! See the details below: 
Cards for Campfire Children:
Specifications for interactive cards:
* Interactive cards:  shakers, sliders, pop-ups, spinner, swing, open to a box or whatever other cards that are an interactive concept.
* Teacher suggested:  Enchanted, fairies, mermaids, cars, animals, sports, dinosaurs, fish, pirates, ocean life, children, bugs, fun monsters, glitter/sequins, colorful or any other K-5th-grade appropriate themes.     
* No larger than 5 x 7
* No orange skies
* Preferably no pine trees but depends on the card theme
* No holiday cards  (Will be delivered after Christmas and Valentine's day)
* PLEASE NO:   SORRY for your loss…. etc...
* Please sign your card and include what city, state and country card is from.  Children LOVE getting something from someplace far away.  They can look up the address on a map and see how far away it came from and that people everywhere care about them and what they went through.
* Designate Boy or Girl by writing a B or G on the back bottom Right corner. If it can be for either one then write both B/G.
** Please mail all cards by Jan. 31. 2018 

Mail to:  Cards for Campfire Children
             252 East Ave. Suite D
             Chico, CA 95928
If there are any questions they can email me at
They will try to return the questions ASAP.
Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and from all the children that you will touch with your beautiful, caring and thoughtful cards,

Christina Brashears

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