Announcing New Video Times!!!!!!

After much research and watching the watch time and every analytic Youtube has to offer we have decided to make a few schedule changes.


DON'T STRESS!  The videos will still be the same days, just different times.  Also, live show will stay the same.  We still plan to do some evening lives but those will be bonuses when we can do them. 


This change does two things, the first being it allows us more editing time which has become more important seeing as we are now having to upload footage and send it over the web!  That can be a time consuming process!


Secondly, it will hopefully allow more people to see my videos as we upload them which from what I can see Youtube prefers.


Thanks for your understanding!  Sometimes I have to do these sort of things...last time we had a schedule change was years ago so here is to many years with this schedule.

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