Altoid Tin Prayer Box

HI everyone Happy Wednesday To You!

We are recycling an Altoid Tin and turning it into a little prayer box, praise box, or little love letters to God box. So easy to do!

Here is a closer look at the greeting on the front. I LOVE this greeting for this type of box. To me it says, wherever I go, God is with me!

Here is a look at the greeting for the inside of the box. Love this one too. To me it says, be kind to others. Love covers everything therefore there is no room for hate!

Alright, so how do you make this? Like I said, super easy!

Materials Needed:

Altoid Tin: I used the 1.76 ounce size tin

Brown Cardstock: 3 at 3.5 x 2 1/8

White Cardstock: 2 at 3.25 x 1 7/8

White Cardstock: 15 at 3.5 x 2 1/8

White Cardstock: 2 at 4.25 x 3.5 (score at 2 1/8 on the longer side, fold in half)

Scrap of brown and white cardstock for greeting

Love Is

Art Glitter Glue

Sticky Tape

Brown Ink

We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper (I used the 1/2 inch side)

Circle Punches for greeting: I used a 1.75 and 2 inch size

~~Start by using the 3 smaller hearts from the stamp set, and stamp with brown ink all over the smaller (3.25 x 1 7/8) white cardstock and also on the brown (3.5 x 2 1/8) cardstock. Set aside. Use the Love each other greeting with brown ink and stamp onto the other (3.25 x 1 7/8) white piece on an angle. I also stamped the smaller cross in the corner of this piece. Round the corners of all pieces.

~~On the scrap of white cardstock, stamp the Ruth 1:16 greeting, punch out using the 1.75 circle punch. On the scrap of brown cardstock, punch out using the 2 inch circle punch.

~~Adhere the white stamped hearts cardstock to the plain brown cardstock to layer together with Art Glitter Glue. Using the Sticky Tape on the back of the brown cardstock and adhere to front of box. Glue the circle greeting to the brown circle, again with Art Glitter Glue, and on the backside of the brown, use the Sticky Tape and adhere to front of box.

~~For this inside of the box, layer the Love each other white piece to the non stamped brown piece using Art Glitter Glue, adhere to inside lid with Sticky Tape.

~~The last brown piece should be the one with the hearts on it, adhere this piece to the inside bottom using the Sticky Tape.

~~For the inside cards, I stamped the corners of them. One side with the hearts the other with the cross.

~~For the folded piece, I did the same thing.

You can see the full how to video here on my Youtube Channel as well :)

I used an old Florida Lottery pencil my husband had because it was small. You can always just take a regular sized pencil and sharpen it so it will fit inside the box.

This box is great to carry in your purse for scripture notes or for prayers!

Hope all of you have a Wonderful Wednesday. Hugs, Stacy ♥

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Linda Kerr

Linda Kerr

I love this blog! I just found y’all a couple of weeks ago and I am soooooo thrilled to find such great quality Christian stamps! I love your videos…and y’all’s humor!!! ? Thanks for the great directions for the Altoid Prayer Tin Box!!! Have a Blessed rest of the week!!!!
Blessings ~
Your newest fan!

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