5 Project So You Never Miss and Opportunity to Give Handmade. Stashed and Dashed!


Paper, so much paper!! Do you hoard it? Have a hard time coming up with ideas to use up those leftovers?? Today we start our Stash Buster Series. Maymay has four easy projects to start us off! 

So put a prep in your step! Gather up that paper stash and  let's bust it! 




--Cut your choice of pattern cardstock to 12" x 8.5" then score on 12" side at 1/2" ~~ 5" ~~ 7"~~ 11.5"  WARNING: be mindful of the orientation of the pattern on the paper 

--Then turn and score on the 8.5 "  side at  2"  and 6 1/2" 

--Fold and burnish all scores

--Fold 1/2 inch tops out and glue down

--Make angle folds at center of the bag --see the video on how to make those folds 

--Glue down sides

--Stand up and glue angled sections

--Cut two handles  3/4" x 11"  pick your choice of coordinating pattern paper 

--Add handles and decorate the bag you you desire 


Lay Flat Box

12x12 size 

--Start with a 12" x 12" piece of pattern cardstock 

--Score at 1.5" ~~ 5.25" ~~ 6.75" ~~ and  10.5" WARNING: be mindful of the orientation of the pattern on the paper  Then turn paper and score at 1.5" and 10.5" 

8.5x11 size

Score on the 11" side at 1" ~~ 5" ~~ 6" ~~ and at 10"  then turn to the 8.5" side and score at 1" and at 7.5" 

See the video for assembly 

Videos to reference: 

Santa Box Tutorial 12x12 https://youtu.be/nsB3PfX5z_8

Slider Gift Card 

Slider piece: cut pattern paper to 3" x 4.5"  you will need 3 of these. Then score at

1/2" very lightly ( this is will be for glueing reference) and 4"  

Box (card pocket) section:  cut pattern paper to 7.5" x 4" and score on the 7.5" side at 3.75" 

Lid Section ( pull top): cut pattern paper to 4.5" x 2" and then score on the 2" side at 1" 


Ribbon: cut 2 pieces of pattern paper to 1" x 12"  See the video for the trimming and assembly 


Cricut Cut

Self explanatory

Self Closing Box

Start with a piece of pattern cardstock and cut to 8.5" x 5.5" 

On the 8.5" side score at 4" and 8"  turn and on the  5.5" side score at 5" and then turn it around and score at 4.5"  ( see video) 

On the bottom, line up the 4 inch score on the 4 inch mark and score @ 2 and 6 up to the 1 inch score line (see video) 

See the video for assembly 

Videos to reference: 

Bunny Self Closing Treat Box https://youtu.be/OZrMx148zNc

Self Closing Carrot Treat Box for Easter  https://youtu.be/B_xnQEu1KEo


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—I use affiliate links when possible, using these links to purchase awards me a small commission. Items used in this video are all purchased by me, if and when an items is sent to me I will denote that by using ** next to the item. 

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