3 Ways to ACTUALLY get use from your scraps

We don't talk about....Bin Jammin'    

In today's Stash Buster we take Bin and organize him to actually  get some use for all those scraps! 

So gather all those bits and pieces and let's bust that stash! 


Pinky Purse Video: https://youtu.be/fTu7-MYz0qk




Pinky Purse: see the full tutorial here: https://youtu.be/fTu7-MYz0qk

Purse base: 1 piece of 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" double sided pattern paper.

Score on the 5 1/2" side at  1/2" ~~ 2 1/2" ~~ 3" ~~ 5" then turn and score on the 3 3/4" side at 1/2"  and then make tick marks on the 1 1/4" ~~ 2 1/2" ~~ 3 1/4" 



~~Products Featured ~~

Storage Studio Paper Holder (aka "Bin") https://bit.ly/3NwCuGX

 Art Glitter Glue https://bit.ly/3jb9WpP

Cricut 13” Trimmer https://bit.ly/3sXk1fN

Dress My Craft Bone Folder  https://bit.ly/3zL89yl

Cutter Bees Scissors https://bit.ly/3MVw1W4

WRMK Crop-a-dile Hole Punch https://bit.ly/3Nzuaqc

WRMK Scoreboard  https://bit.ly/3x4TOMb

Self Sealing Bags https://bit.ly/3wHXaGl

Lawn Fawn Die Section https://bit.ly/38K3Af7

EK Tools Punch Section https://bit.ly/3PCtwtD

Brutus Monroe Slim Line Cargo Sleeves https://bit.ly/3yWvOOl


—I use affiliate links when possible, using these links to purchase awards me a small commission. Items used in this video are all purchased by me, if and when an items is sent to me I will denote that by using ** next to the item. 

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