21 of my Favs from 2021

21 of my Favs from 2021!!!

Maymay shares her favorite crafting goodies that she loved the most in 2021. So grab a cuppa cuppa, pen and paper and let's see what the best of 2021!!


~~The  Favorite Products List~~

Working Wreath Forms   https://bit.ly/32LYU5r

Tonic Scissors    https://bit.ly/35ZOHAu

Dress My Craft Mini Trimmer   https://bit.ly/3qKz0XD

Dress My Craft Paper Trimmer    https://bit.ly/3cNJKhL

Cricut 13” Trimmer    https://bit.ly/3sXk1fN

Tonic Studios Super Trimmer   https://bit.ly/32OAl7V

Monogram Stamp Sets   https://bit.ly/32Y8Ng4

Blessed Beyond Be-leaf Stamp Set    https://bit.ly/3JK0ju6

Recipe Card Builder Stamp Set     https://bit.ly/3FWxqbt

Holiday Planner Stamp Set    https://bit.ly/3zCZEWJ

Mintay 6x8 Books      https://bit.ly/3sVlIKF

Sizzix Surfacez Opulent Cardstock    https://bit.ly/3ytgVQe

M'Pressables   https://bit.ly/3sReB62

Photoplay Kits    https://bit.ly/3JG75Rr

Surebonder Cordless Mini Glue Gun    https://bit.ly/3sRfqf8

Nuvo Alcohol Markers sets 24     https://bit.ly/3AijjdA

Nuvo Alcohol Markers sets 12     https://bit.ly/3lDQBj9

20mm Round Natural Wood Beads    https://bit.ly/3qNH6ij

Pink and Main Ergo Blending Brushes  (Mini)   https://bit.ly/3HEiAXR

Pink and Main Ergo Blending Brushes (regular)   https://bit.ly/3eNmQb5

Brutus Monroe Blending Brush Scrubber   https://bit.ly/3qHGivk

49 and Market Foundations Selection    https://bit.ly/3mXvmsp

Graphic 45 ATC Album    https://bit.ly/3ePTnx9

Graphic 45 Travelers Notebook Album     https://bit.ly/3mV65iJ

Echo Park Salutation Paper Collections   https://bit.ly/3JGs9qY

Cricut Joy Machine  https://shrsl.com/3bv44

Dress My Craft Bone Folder  https://bit.ly/3zL89yl

Dress My Craft Ergo Bone Folder  https://bit.ly/3d3D3bA

Dress My Craft Pencil Bone Folder https://bit.ly/3x62j8o


~~Other Products Mentioned~~

Trimmer replacement blades  for all trimmers  https://bit.ly/3pRy9Fm

Craft Keepers    https://bit.ly/32UwLJ7

Fiskars Stamp Blocks https://bit.ly/3cEorya


~~ Classes~~

Winter Fun Folio on March 1st 2022 at 6:00 pm CST    https://bit.ly/3r6dFbB

Cricut Design Space 101 on Jan 14th at 6:30 CST     https://bit.ly/3mWodbH


~~Videos Mentioned~~

--14 Craft tools you'll want to add to your stash!!!     https://youtu.be/HqNMyK1Cwcc

--Dress My Craft Trimmer and Score Board Review and Demo   https://youtu.be/8i-WuvrYFDI

--Cricut Trimmer Review    https://youtu.be/6spTHfpE0aM

--DIY Monogram Card and Tag Gift Set

Part One     https://youtu.be/FMHnGfIws74

Part Two   https://youtu.be/djzSuYI4KBQ

Part Three    https://youtu.be/xfE1Uv2A2lw

--2021 Holiday PLanner Travelers Notebook Album    https://youtu.be/rn39uiimqls

--THIS ALBUM WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A PRO! Love this easy to create mini album perfect for gifting!     https://youtu.be/bS_k1Av_SGg

--December Date Night Album ***MARRIED EDITION*** using Graphic 45 ATC Album      https://youtu.be/CM_5GvdXEYE

---Cricut Joy Playlist   https://bit.ly/3JznyXs

--As Many As Cards and Tags Playlist   https://bit.ly/3zonjtH

--- You'll FALL for this one!    https://youtu.be/8kEc7C-EMgg

--Shannon Leaves you impressed!   https://youtu.be/A9Hb2hzaOQ4


+++I use affiliate links when possible, using these links to purchase awards me a small commission. Items used in this video are all purchased by me, if and when an items is sent to me I will denote that by using ** next to the item+++.

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