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2019 Holiday Planner | Part 1, Part 2

Posted by Shannon Woodfin on

Hey guys, guess what?!  It's that time of year again.  It is Holiday Planner time!  Today Maymay shows you how to get started on the 2019 Holiday Planner.  The PDF file will be linked below for you.  Just click the link to be able to print the inserts.  Happy Planning!

For 2019 Holiday Planner PDF Click Here

Supplies Used:
Cricut Basic Trimmer 12"
8 1/2" x 11" Cardstock 100 lb by Brutus Monroe - Raven
Corner Chomper Crop-A-Dile
Art Glitter Glue

- Print and decide what pages you would like to use for your planner
- Trim pages and place them in the order you would like in your planner

To Assemble Planner:
- Cut 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in half at 5 1/2"
- Score each 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" piece at 4 1/4"
- Fold and crease each cardstock page and corner round with 1/4"
- Glue your pages together deciding if you would like a top pocket like Maymay or a side pocket like prayer journals
- Once all your cardstock pages are glued together you can start adding your printed pages
- To keep fold from being bulky cut pages in half at center and glue to cardstock at the scoreline
- Note pages are 4" x 5"


2017 Holiday Planner

Updated 2019 PDF's:
2017 October Updated to 2019 
2017 November Updated to 2019
2017 December Updated to 2019
2017 Individual Pages Updated to 2019


2018 Holiday Planner

2018 Updated PDF's:
2018 Updated to 2019 Holiday Planner - Composition Sized Book
2018 Updated to 2019 Holiday Planner - Letter/Binder Size

Holiday Planner | Part 2

 Today Maymay decorates her Holiday Planner!  

Supplies Used:
Tab Punch Board, Corner Chomper, The Works
Teflon Bone Folder
12 x 12 Rejoice Essentials 12 x 12 Collection Kit from Authetique
5/8" Ohhh So Trendy Ribbon - Zebra
Art Glitter Glue
Magnetic Small Discs
Embossing Stylus Set
Cricut Trimmer
Scallop Dotted Border Punch


- Maymay makes tabs for:
October, November, December, Read, Gifts, Online, Cards, Crafts, and Notes
-Tabs are 1" x 1" square and you will need 9
- Score each tab at 1/2"
- Layout and glue when you want to place them and then label
- Maymay uses ribbon and glues to the back
- Then attach the magnet to ribbon and leave a little slack and attach the magnet to the front


- Back cover - 5 1/4" x 4"
- Front cover - 5 1/4" 4"
- Round corners on the opening side and glue to front and back
- Candy Cane Paper - 2" x 5 1/4"
- Maymay fussy cut stamps


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  • I did the book part, but instead of planner I’m doing a small recipe book of my top seven recipes. I like the top opening because that is where I’m putting the shopping list at. I’ll pay photos when I’m done! Love ALL of your videos Miss MayMay!!!

    Carla Snell on
  • Thanks for updating last years planner for 2019…maybe I am the only person who printed the composition size for 2019…It has the 1st on thursday which was Halloween….the 1st should be on friday. I checked the letter size and it was correct.

    Tammy Irvin on
  • Dear Maymay and Staff,

    I love the holiday planners that are here on your blog. I especially like the calendars. Do you remember the little calendars Hallmark used to give out? I think it would be nice to make a small calendar book that included all 12 months. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas you share with us. Respectfully, Susan B.

    Susan Bredehoft on
  • Maymay, we really need a 2020 set of planner templates. We can work on our 2020 book and be ready for the new year. In my opinion it would be easier to make my planner before the holidays. The holidays are so hectic during these months with family, friends, church events and work obligations. It’s just a thought that might help us to enjoy the process of creating inadvance.

    Melissa Marks on
  • Dear May May
    Thanks a ton for your precise instructions. I am doing the stationery box set and i am over the moon as it is perfect. Thanks amlln fromteh bottom of my heart. Blessings and gratitude
    Surekha Galagoda

    Surekha Galagoda on

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