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Yay! 10 Minute Card Staff Challenge

Posted by Shannon Woodfin on

You have watched all the videos now and we are sure you know exactly who you want to vote for.  You can only choose one and only vote once...the staff member who receives the most votes will win a $100 gift card!!  Thanks for your vote!


Part 1:  Jordan Edition

Part 2: Shannon and Amber Edition

 Part 3:  Mandy Edition

Part 4: Amanda and Lacie Edition

Part 5: Vince Edition

Part 6: Brenda Edition

Part 7: Mrs. Edna Edition

Part 8: Thomas Edition
Part 9: Josh Edition



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  • It was so hard to choose! I especially liked the young men trying something that was so far out of their wheelhouse — and doing a great job, as well as everyone else who normally doesn’t make cards. I was amazed at how well they did with so few tools, and I was rooting for each person as they decided what to do. But I voted for Amanda and Lacie — because who would believe anyone could make an easel card in 10 minutes?

    Hope you’ll do this again sometime soon!

    Melanie on
  • I really like Brenda and Thomas’ cards but I think Thomas was tge winner.

    Tina Miller on
  • My vote is for Brenda .. loved all the layers and tearing like the dog chewed it up.

    Cynthia Tolar on
  • I vote for Brenda ’s texture etc, and her use of all the doggy stuff. I would have voted for Mamas card, she made a great anniversary card! The guys did pretty well On the whole. Everyone did well. You all deserve praise as non card makers. So Well done!

    Jessica on
  • I absolutely love the 10 minute challenge videos! They are all so wonderful. I found it so hard to choose. I would love to see the staff do it again. It would be fun to see them try the challenge with holiday themes. I especially loved the videos by the guys because I have 3 sons myself. (I’m a little partial to their lack of experience and what a great job the did. I’m rooting for you!)

    Rhonda Klaus on

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