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Thank you for your interest in our Card Ministry. Years ago God laid on my heart that we needed to send cards to our local communities more than we were doing. I see so many large organizations work tirelessly to get cards to hospitals, senior care facilities and Veteran’s homes but I felt like our local communities were being missed.

We started to send cards locally, I encouraged my viewers to do so and the response I got was so interesting. So many of my viewers said they loved to make cards but didn’t have anyone to send them to. On the flip side, we had viewers tell us they had places to send them to, but couldn’t make enough cards to do so.

So we combined the effort! Our card making friends went to work. They send us blank inside cards for all occasions and we package them to send to our card ministers that use them to encourage others.

These card ministers work locally in their own communities, some of them send to their church families, others to women’s groups and other small organizations that need the smiles!

We accept scripture related and non scripture cards. Sometimes we will have special call outs. For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day cards, anniversary or birthday but for the most part we need all occasion blank inside cards. These can be used in any ministry. A2 sized cards (4 1/4in x 5 1/2 in) work best as they are the easiest for us to package and ship.

If you would like to submit cards to our ministry you can do so by sending them to:

Maymay Made It 1616 7th Street N Clanton, AL 35045

If you would like to receive a card set for your ministry contact us at

Thank you so much for your help! We love sending smiles, one card at a time!
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