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"GPS Knots"- Gel Printed, Stamp/Stenciled Ornaments with Amy Broady @ Maymay's Made It Con- Pigeon Forge, TN

"GPS Knots"- Gel Printed, Stamp/Stenciled Ornaments with Amy Broady @ Maymay's Made It Con- Pigeon Forge, TN

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This is a class offered at Maymay's Made It Con in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Friday Sept. 14 @ 9am  and
Taught by Amy Broady Certified Zentangle Teacher™

This class will combine casual printmaking with ornamental paper crafting. We will cut, score, weave, adhere, and pinch fascinating sculptural orbs into existence from card stock we have printed ourselves. Gel printing involves acrylic paint, a gel printing plate and a variety of tools, including stamps and stencils, to manipulate the paint. It's great fun, but can be messy, so dress accordingly! This is an impressive project that is sure to delight.


All supplies included but you may want to bring your favorite scissors.



This class is limited to 24 students. 
Duration of the class is 2 hours.

Due to the nature of this class, (teachers time, travel, and supplies being pre-purchased) ticket price is non refundable.

* for questions or concerns please email*



By purchasing this ticket you agree to the following: 

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