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Meet Made It Con Teachers

Cinnamon Cooney is best known as the youtube teacher The Art Sherpa. She specializes in translating acrylic painting techniques  and methods to beginning painters.  Her Art community of Students now learns in 250 countries around the world. She is shares free painting classes through live streaming videos on youtube and  facebook. With artist lifestyle support on   Pinterest, Instagram and twitter. The Art Sherpa believes in the principle that all people have creativity inside them and that through loving support and guidance they can discover the artist within. She breaks down the artist journey into three stages of beginner creating a teaching program that supports new artists holistically to embracing their potential. From One Hoot to Three Hoot difficulty levels. You can expect a Art Sherpa class to be fun, compassionate, supportive and transformative. Cinnamon comes from a family of working artists. She studied Advertising Art at PVAMU and has been part of a working studio her whole life. She has exhibited around the country and is in private collections around the world. Her knowledge base allows her to take the mystery of  the Painters Life and create roadmaps for your creative bliss.     


For the past eight years, Tanner Bell has been building a community and business online through blogging and social media. At only 19 years old, he has been able to co-found A Little Craft In Your Day, a DIY website for the next generation of creatives and launch Makers Gonna Learn, a membership site for die cutting enthusiasts. He has been featured on The Today Show and The Huffington Post.

Tracy Dennis has been teaching a variety of craft classes for a number of years. She loves to craft and teach and has started her own YouTube channel named Create Along with Trace. She teaches a variety of classes including paper crafting , jewelry making, Kanzashi and baking to name a few. Tracy is married to David and has four children and three grand children. You can find Tracy on her new social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her blog all under the name Create along with Trace.


Jennifer Harrison is a talented artist and creative designer.  She is the owner of jenofeve designs.  You can find her on Etsy, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all of which are flourishing beyond her wildest dreams.  Jennifer married her high school sweetheart, Tom, 25 years ago.  They have 2 amazing sons, Cody and Lane, and a wonderful addition of her daughter in law Alexis.  Jennifer and her family live in Louisville Kentucky and her customers, followers, and fan base are totally smitten with her Southern Charm and sense of humor.  Jennifer designs and creates by hand easy to follow beautiful printable mini album templates.  She has hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube giving you very detailed visual “How to” on making the mini albums.  She takes you step by step through the process for each and every set of templates.  She has a very down to earth and easy going way of teaching you how to create the most exquisite and stunning mini albums.  Jennifer is a big believer of supporting, empowering, and encouraging others and this shows in everything she does.  If you would like to see for yourself follow the links below.







Janet Winkle

Janet Winkle began her stamping adventure over 24 years ago when she bought her first rubber stamp. She has been teaching rubber stamping techniques for twelve years. She is the owner of her own business called ‘A Stamp In Every Hand”. Learn more about Janet at her website at

Tracey Phillips

Tracey Phillips is a DIY Crafter, YouTuber (GiftBasketAppeal), Children's Author and Educator. She is a former Children's Librarian (25 years) who writes music for children along with her husband, Bill. She has a passion for teaching arts & crafts and loves to motivate others to create beautiful things. She resides in Mableton, Georgia and has two daughters and a dog named Cinnamon.


Edith Wray 

Edith Wray loves any type of crafty creations but our first love is teaching others just how easy it is to make creations they thought they could never do. With almost 1000 videos on YouTube, we have inspired thousands over the years to “just create”. Our shop that my husband and I have run for over 12 years is called Scrapbooking With ME. I am a wife to a wonderful man of 44 years, Whitt, who supports me in everything I venture to do. A Mother to two beautiful and creative daughters, and Grandmother to 6 sweet grandchildren. You can find us all over the web from YouTube to Twitter, Facebook to Instagram, and more.

Our social media names are the same everywhere, Scrapbooking With ME, we would love for you to connect with us.

Our Store is

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Amy Broady M.Ed., CZT™, began teaching as a professional art educator in 1995. She has been sharing the Zentangle® method of drawing since 2010, when she became a Certified Zentangle Teacher™. She left the public school system in 2013 in order to focus on home and family, and now enjoys teaching students of all ages at a variety of venues.

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Rhonda Nickerson

Rhonda Nickerson is a wife to her wonderful husband Clinton and a mother to four beautiful children. Rhonda has been making mums and wreaths since October, 2015 and since then has grown her business Rhonda’s Creative Corner, and is highly successful on Etsy, YouTube, and Facebook. Rhonda currently has a beautiful storefront in Arlington, TX where she sells deco mesh wreaths, homecoming mums, wreath supplies and mum supplies. She also has a new subscription group on Facebook called Rhonda’s Creative Circle, where she teaches all her secrets to wreath making!!

Rhonda's Creative Corner



Christopher Alan is the founder and creative director of Brutus|Monroe, a paper crafting company located in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is extremely passionate about creating quality products for the growing craft industry. From the chemical make up of the products to the way it is packaged Christopher strives for the best. Recently opening his flagship store in Pittsburgh, he now brings classes and workshops every week to the local crafter and maker. When he is not designing and making he enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his dogs and cooking new recipes. Follow Christopher on his journey at


 Lisa Wise 

As an Accountant by day, Lisa had been looking for a creative outlet most of her life, and was relived to stumble upon it almost 20 years ago. As a seasoned paper crafter, she is aware that putting together creative projects can become overwhelming. Her desire is to share her love for the craft, provide inspiration, and to simplify the process for others.

Lisa is an in store teacher for Maymay's Crafty Country Store and can be found at Have Photos will scrapbook on Facebook



Brenda Berrey  seriously started arts & crafts in 1974, when her daughter started kindergarten, but it has always been a part of her life. Many crafts, she is self taught in, but Brenda's first teacher was her mother, who was a designing seamstress and always creating something. This love she has of creating has taken Brenda throughout her life. Studying under many teachers, such as Joann Williams Walker, Priscilla Houser, Milton Lenoir at Auburn and many others. She has done most every craft in her career, and she loves to teach them all.  Folk Art, Acrylic Landscapes, Oils, Mixed Media, Paper Crafts, but Watercolor is her main media for over 20 years.

Brenda is an in store teacher for Maymay's Crafty Country Store.



Maymay Helms has a love for all things crafty and that includes teaching others to craft! With more than 1000 video tutorials on her YouTube channel she has inspired thousands to get their hands messy and craft. Maymay has her own distinctive line of photopolymer stamps and two fun monthly stamp clubs. Maymay is a wife to her wonderful husband of 17 years Vince, and mom to 4 boys and has a sweet daughter in law that loves to get into the crafty fun as well. You will find Maymay all over the web from YouTube to Periscope, Facebook and more. You can get connected to her social medias sites and shop at her online store by visiting

Michelle Schreck

Amanda Ray