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Meet Maymay's Design Team

I love all things Cricut and Crafty. Have always loved paper and what you can turn it into. I love sharing what I learn with others and seeing their faces light up because they can make it too. I am passionate about getting the little ones involved in crafting. The memories, the giggles and the excitement is what crafting is all about it. Visit my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe! You can find me on FaceBook as well as my blog!


Hello everyone! I'm Crystal. I live in a rural area out in the country. My wonderful husband I have been married for 40 years. During this time we have raised one daughter and 3 sons, and now in the process of raising 2 of our 6 grandkids. I started sewing at my grandmothers knee when I was old enough to hold a needle. I made and designed most of my children's clothes while they were growing up. Last year I purchased a Cricut and I had no idea how to use it so I went on YouTube and found Maymay. I became so addicted to her southern charm and don't fret attitude that I began to watch her almost daily and I joined her stamp club. So when I was contacted by her to join her design team...I just shocked!! Now....I'm so excited ( yes, just like the song) I have a lot of ideas that I hope I can inspire and motivate you, her viewers, to purchase these wonderful stamps and get your creative juices flowing!!!



Hello there, My name is Gareth Frewer and I am based in London UK, I have crafted on and off throughout my life but really got into it properly the past few years, I enjoy an array of crafts from Jewellery making, upcycling and making home decor pieces. In my day time job, I teach/support children with special needs which I find very rewarding and very tiring lol. Back to crafting, I was inspired by my dear friend Maymay to step out from behind closed doors and create at first a single YouTube channel called Create at Home with G but as of Jan 2017 I decided to launch a sister channel where I focus on Christmas craft all year called Create at Home with Elf Creations, they are both growing well and my lovely subbies are very supportive, I have videos that go out out across both channels, in fact I love crafting so much that back in 2016 I decided to open



I am Tracey Phillips aka Miss Tracey, a DIY Crafter, children's author, educator, Content Creator with two YouTube Channels-  GiftBasketAppeal and LittleStoryBug. I also write children's music along with my husband. Visit my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!