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The Impossible Card Landscape and Portrait

Posted by Amanda Ray on

So this card is taking over the internet I do believe!  From my research it is from an optical illusion called HyperCard, it sort of plays with the mind and how the holes get in the card. 

I have seen this card done on a few websites as well. 

These are the ones I watched to learn the technique:


Mixed Up Craft:


It is best to watch the video to understand how to make the card the easiest way.

Well, it’s impossibly SIMPLE!  Let’s do this!


Portrait Orientation Measurements and Video

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  • I just love this. Thankyou so much for taking the time to make such a wonderful tutorial!!! You explained it so well😊😊

    Karen Nelson on
  • Thanks for sharing how to make the impossible card. I enjoyed the video

    Connie on
  • Wow! Love this style of card. I think I just found one of this coming year’s Christmas cards! Thank you for such clear instructions and the alternate sizes!

    Kristy Tyra on
  • I think this would be great for little encouragement notes to friends or kids, or just a Hello! Thinking of You Today!, Great Idea!

    Julia A on
  • neat new design, always like to try something new, thanks for sharing :)

    conniecrafter on

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