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Snowman Twist and Pop Card

Posted by Amy Helms on



I hope you enjoy making this card as much as I did.  Remember to see how to make the mechanism that pops out you need to watch the video linked here.  Also, there is a blog post here that you can see all the measurements for it on.

The pdf linked here is for the mitten pattern.

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  • I just love this adorable card, so cute and clever! Thank you for sharing!

    Sheila on
  • Found out about you, May may, from stamping friends. Your snowman twist/pop card is so cute!! Still winter in Iowa so I will have to make some up!!

    Karen Halterman on
  • this is the cutest card I have every seen and my identical twin sister will love it so much especially the “hugs”

    Braidie H on
  • Hi I love watching and making your cards. I found a pop up circle card in another site.
    They used a die too do. it but they are quite expensive I don’t know if you have already done one but unable to find if you have, but didn’t know if you could do one without having to use the die I have tried but can’t seem to get it right :\
    Annie Havies
    Isle of wight uk

    Ann Havies on
  • I like her(MayMay)

    Sharon Beymer on

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